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Bridge Constructor Portal is a puzzle game that combines the gameplay of the Bridge Constructor series with the setting and unique physics features of the Portal series.

Build your own testing chamber

If you've played previous Bridge Constructor games, you'll be familiar with the basics of Bridge Constructor Portal. The game draws on classic puzzles like Lemmings. Your test subjects are rocketing through the lab in golf-cart-like high-speed vehicles, unable to stop. You'll need to build bridges and other features to stop them from coming to harm. Because this is also a Portal game, the features you can create include not just ramps and bridges but also the series' trademark paired portals. The combination creates a fast-paced, increasingly complex set of moving puzzles that combine challenging gameplay with the trademark absurd humour of the Portal series. Each puzzle lets you try to complete it with one or more vehicles, letting you adjust the difficulty in a way that feels natural.

Fun, flippant puzzle action

If you like fast-paced puzzle games in general, Bridge Constructor Portal is well worth your time. It features inventive, challenging gameplay with a colourful and familiar setting and premise.


  • Complex and challenging puzzle gameplay
  • Fun
  • Light-hearted setting and atmosphere


  • Difficult puzzles can occasionally become frustrating
  • Colour-coded portals can be hard to identify on small screens


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Bridge Constructor Portal


Bridge Constructor Portal varies-with-device for Mac


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